Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park: A Majestic UNESCO World Heritage Site

Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park: A Majestic UNESCO World Heritage Site

There are many tourist spots on Palawan island in the Philippines. You can find crystal clear sea, white-sand beaches, and the Gatorade blue lagoons. But one particular tourism destination that holds the best title among all is the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park. It is also known as the Puerto Princesa Underground River. The Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park holds a place in the New 7 Wonders of Nature. It is also included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 1999.

The Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park is a conservation and protected area of the Philippines that has jaw-dropping and beautiful mountain cave formations, towering limestone cliffs, and pristine waters. Its ginormous area has rich biodiversity but only a portion of the river which is around 4.3 kilometers is open to tourists.

Many of the species found in the cave are endemic to the underground river system which includes bats, giant spiders, snakes, swallows, fishes, and more. In order to experience these natural wonders, visitors can book Palawan island tours which include tours to the Puerto Princesa Underground River. Going to these areas can be done on a day trip if you only have one day to explore. There are also many mountain and water activities that await you in nearby areas.

Tips before visiting the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park

  • Make sure to call the Tourism Office management before you embark on any trip or activities as the management only allows a limited number of people inside the river. This is for the conservation of the natural ecosystem inside.
  • Plan the trip ahead and get there ahead of time to ensure your spot.
  • Bring extra clothing and waterproof bags to put your items in since water drips from the walls of the cave.
  • Respect the management and local environment laws protecting the conservation of this destination.
  • Don’t move around the boat the entire tour to avoid falling into the water in the underground river.

How to get to Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park in Palawan, Philippines

To reach the underground river, you need to travel to Puerto Princesa, Philippines via air, land, or sea. There are flights from Manila to Palawan island with less than 2 hours of travel time. Once you are in Puerto Princesa, travel time to Sabang is also around 2 hours. It can either by van, jeepney, or bus transfer. Look for the jeepney or bus terminal information at the airport. If you book this experience through tours, van transfer is usually the best option. Once you arrive at Sabang Port, you will board a small boat to get you to the entry point to the natural river site and cave.

Barracuda Lake: A Haven for Diving Enthusiasts in the Philippines

Barracuda Lake: A Haven for Diving Enthusiasts in the Philippines

When visiting Coron Island in the Philippines, one travel spot you shouldn’t miss is the Barracuda Lake. The Barracuda Lake consists of an abyss of shallow blue waters surrounded by sharp and dark limestone cliffs and underwater cave. The lake was named when a large barracuda fish skeleton was discovered by scuba divers in its waters. Barracuda Lake is composed of both saltwater and freshwater. According to many review articles, it is one of the most famous diving sites for many divers not just in Coron, but in the Philippines. Here, you can also see the great views of the surrounding islands and the deep blue sea.

If you have read Coron travel reviews, you have most likely already read that Barracuda Lake is one of the best dive spots on the island. Both scuba and free divers can truly enjoy the depths. It has its own mesmerizing beauty unique to the place. The lake is about 40 meters deep to the bottom of the sea and is surrounded by sharp limestone cliffs. The lake will give you a clear and good view of what is at the bottom. There is also a 30-meter long cave below which is why many tourists are mesmerized to dive its clear waters. It is said that the resident barracuda can be found there. Most tours allow you to dive into this area so long as you have the proper gears for it.

It is also a good dive spot to explore because of its thermocline, where the water temperature changes at different layers. It actually gets warmer as you go deeper.

How to get to Barracuda Lake in Coron

The best and most convenient way to visit Coron is to take a direct flight from Manila to Busuanga Airport which takes around an hour. Once you are in Busuanga Airport, ride a van going to Coron town proper. Most tours offer private transfers to hotels in the town proper. From there, you can either join a group tour or hire a boat going to Barracuda Lake.

Another option is to ride an overnight ferry by 2Go Travels from Manila.

Things to Remember When Diving in Barracuda Lake

  • Please note that there are no tricycles or taxis in Busuanga Airport. Make sure to read some travel reviews or contact a guide before you visit Coron so you can book your transportation as well as diving tours in advance.
  • You need to climb up a few meters before you can reach the lake. Make sure to hire a guide who will get you there and help you in case you bring dive gears.
  • Review the details of the Coron tour you select before you start exploring the islands. Reading some reviews can help you find the best deals and spots to go to.
  • Stay in a hotel or beach resort that is near Barracuda Lake if you want to go there as early as possible.
A Guide to Exploring the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market in Bangkok, Thailand

A Guide to Exploring the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market in Bangkok, Thailand

The Damnoen Saduak Floating Market in Ratchaburi is one of the most popular places to visit for tourists in Bangkok, Thailand. If you want to live like the locals in Bangkok, it is the best place to be. It is where all your basic needs are met, from a variety of delicious food to the local specialty. Best of all, the area is near tourist spots. If you’re in Wat Rat Charoen Tham, Wat Arun Ratchawararam Ratchaworamahawihan, and Wat Chotitayakaram, it is highly recommended to visit the floating market too.

This market also boasts a wide variety of souvenirs – little trinkets of memories of your Bangkok trip. Most tourists who come to Bangkok want to visit a floating market as it can be a fascinating insight into Thai traditional culture. Here, you will find a floating boat in the canal that is full of local products and goods that are easily accessible to people. People of all ages will be able to ride a boat to the canal and get a full traditional experience in Bangkok.

The Damnoen Saduak Floating Market has been around in Bangkok, Thailand since the thirteenth century. It was a place where people would go during the day. Mostly to buy various things to make their day to day life comfortable. In order to make the market more accessible to everyone, the city government built a bridge across the river. This way travelers can now enjoy the floating market. If you plan on going to the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market with your family or just with your friends, you just need to be wise in choosing the best spot. The floating market may be known for its high-quality goods but it is also known for its high prices. Looking around will help you find better deals and prices.

Here are some tips and a guide so you can enjoy your visit to Damnoen Saduak Floating Market. And core the best prices for local goods too!

  • Prepare yourself to be in the midst of a full market.

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, or even Bangkok in general, is often the busiest during the day. Most likely around 7 up until noon. You may not find a private area during these hours. If you can, head out from your hotel as early as possible so you can ride the earliest train or bus to the river area. Bangkok railway can be too cramped during the day so it is best to be prepared.

  • Read some reviews online.

Researching some reviews about the market will help you find the best spots to visit. Reviews will also guide you to the best spots to buy affordable goods inside the market. Make sure to read some reviews before going out from your hotel.

  • Ride the boat carefully.

It is a must to ride the boat in the floating market for a full experience. Nonetheless, be careful of pickpockets and scams that prey on tourists.

How to get there

If you want to travel by bus, you can find a bus from Bangkok Bus Terminal to the floating market every day. You can also go there through the Maeklong Railway train market. Be at the train railway station as early as possible. Alternatively, you can also hire private transportation from your hotel.


Wat Arun: The Most Stunning Temple in Bangkok

Wat Arun: The Most Stunning Temple in Bangkok

Wat Arun Ratchawararam or also known as the Temple of Dawn is one of the main temples and top attractions in Bangkok, Thailand. Wat Arun is considered one of the most stunning temples in Bangkok because of its dazzling prang design and riverside location. It is dedicated to the patron deity of Buddhists in Thailand.

Wat Arun is a temple of Buddha, a symbol of Buddhism, and one of the major Buddhist temples in Bangkok, Thailand. The temple’s name, Wat Arun, derives from the Hindu God, Aruna, which is often personified as the rays of the rising sun rising from the setting sun. This can be seen as another reference to the Buddhist practice of meditating at the hour of darkness where stars can be seen and the belief that the world has come to an end, stars shine brightly in the time of darkness. The temple is best seen with the stars in the backdrop too.

The grand pagoda or in Thai language, prang, at Wat Arun is surrounded by four smaller pagoda. It has a prang design similar to a Khmer pagoda. Visitors in the city who are on tour are free to go and climb up to the middle level of the grand pagoda tower. Visitors can see the best view of the tower of the Grand Palace and What Pho on the opposite side of the river.

Things You Need to Know When You Visit the Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn in Bangkok, Thailand

1. You can go to the temple every day of the week. Their opening time hours are from 8 AM until 5:30 PM.

2. It is included in most Thai city local tour packages.

3. The admission to visit the temple is 50 Baht.

4. Visitors are free to take photos in any area of the complex.

5. Respectful attire is required. It is best to visit the Thai temple wearing something that does not reveal bare shoulders.

6. Many people come on a city tour during day hours to pray to the buddha. Many also check out the local spots. It is advised to take caution when going to the main pagoda at Wat Arun. This is because the steps can be quite steep.

7. At the top of the main pagoda of Wat Arun is a king’s crown which was placed there by King Rama III.

8. Wat Arun was a private temple of King Rama II. In fact, some of his ashes are kept in the buddha image in the ordination hall.

9. When in Bangkok, one way of enjoying the temple view is to travel by boat. There are boat tour packages available where you can witness the temple. There’s also one at night with the stars in the background.

10. The best way to travel to the temple is to travel by boat.

Wat Traimit (The Temple of the Golden Buddha): One of the Best Attractions in Bangkok

Wat Traimit (The Temple of the Golden Buddha): One of the Best Attractions in Bangkok

When you travel to Bangkok, Wat Traimit is undoubtedly one of the temples you will surely pass by as it is located in Chinatown – one of the busiest areas in Bangkok, Thailand. It also near hotels and restaurants. It is one of the must-see attractions in Bangkok that are mostly included in private or group hotel day tours. When you travel to this place, it will let you trace and experience Thai history. It has a public museum where you can spend hours having a grand experience just like the other ancient complexes such as the Wat Pho or Temple of the Reclining Buddha.

What attractions you can see inside Wat Traimit or the Temple of the Golden Buddha

Inside the temple is a 5.5-tonne statue of seated golden Buddha. The gold sculpture was been in existence since the 13th century. It measures nearly 5 meters in height.

On the 3rd floor of the temple is a museum where a video presentation about the history of the Buddha images is explained. You get to learn the background and full story of the sculpture inside the temple.

There are also exhibits showing how Wat Traimit originated. The 2nd floor of the temple exhibits 3D presentations about the history of the Chinese traders in Bangkok considering this temple is situated in the heart of Chinatown.

It is open daily and their opening hours are from 8 AM to 5 PM. The best time to visit would be early in the morning before everything gets busy.

On the other hand, other highlights when visiting here are Thai food stalls and other items to check out in the market in Chinatown. The market prices in Chinatown are quite competitive so you may want to check out some travel souvenirs before you get back to your hotels.

A Guide on How to get to Wat Traimit (Temple of the Golden Buddha)

Depending on the hotels you will be staying in, Wat Traimit is pretty much accessible via MRT. Most hotels also have information on the best ways to get there. From Pullman Bangkok Grande Sukhumvit, you can reach Wat Traimit (Temple of the Golden Buddha) by taking an MRT. Start at Sukhumvit Station to Hua Lamphong railway station. Once you get there, walk about 450 meters west of the station to reach the temple.

If you are coming from other temples like The Grand Palace or Wat Pho (Temple of the Reclining Buddha), you can ask locals to guide you on public transportation leading there. In some cases, private or group hotel day tours also offer free transportation.

It is highly recommended to know the best time in leaving your hotel to avoid the rush hour. More so, you can expect tours in groups when you visit. If you want to avoid that, plan your schedule ahead of time.

Meiji Jingu Gaien – Most Famous Autumn Foliage Spot in Tokyo, Japan

Meiji Jingu Gaien – Most Famous Autumn Foliage Spot in Tokyo, Japan

They say that when you visit a country, there’s always that spot that’s going to top all of the other destinations in the country. In Tokyo, Japan, one can say it is the Meiji Jingu Gaien, especially during the autumn season. In fact, it is so popular and picturesque that people call the Meiji Jingu Gaien the most beautiful autumn destination in Tokyo, Japan.

Meijijingu Gaien is one of the best places in Tokyo, Japan for sports and history lovers. It houses complex houses for different sports facilities, tree attractions, a Meiji era picture gallery, and a kid’s park. It is located to the east of Meiji Shrine which is also another popular nearby attraction in Tokyo. You can see an original wall art gallery related to Emperor Meiji and Empress Dowager Shoken.

What attracts this place the most is the 300-meter long Ginko trees and yellow leaves that fill the entire avenue. Most hotels offer tours to this destination due to its popularity. Chances are, you will see lots of images of this spot in your hotel alone. If you search one many hotel reviews online, you will also see photos of the Ginko tree in the avenue. The exact location of the beautiful Ginko trees is in

Icho Namiki Avenue between the office building of the business district in Aoyama.

Meijijingu Gaien has vast and beautiful greenery that turns into this colorful trees during the autumn. The best time to check the shrine, stadium, and especially the street is during November. The first and second week of November will surely give you a beautiful autumn picture. You can witness autumn leaves in the entire street and avenue. Many of the trees serve as a good background in the picture.

One interesting avenue here is their indoor ice skating rink. You can also head over to the stadium nearby where tours are also offered. According to reviews, the Jingu stadium is the best place to visit in March and October to catch a game of pro-league baseball.

How to get to Meijijingu Gaien in Tokyo

From your hotel in the city, take the subway through the JR Chuo Line to Shinanomachi Station. Meijijingu Gaien is a 10-minute walk from the station.

You can also take the Ginza Line to Aoyama-itchome Station. And then walk for 5 minutes to reach Meijijingu Gaien.

Alternatively, you can also go to Gaiemmae Station. Meijijingu Gaien is a 5-minute walk from the station.



The Crystal Clear Waters of Kayangan Lake

The Crystal Clear Waters of Kayangan Lake

If you search Coron island in Palawan, Philippines, the first photos you will most likely see on the Internet are these overlooking views of beautiful limestone islets surrounding a crystal-clear lake. This majestic and jaw-droppingly beautiful place is called Kayangan Lake. Kayangan Lake is often dubbed as the cleanest lake in the Philippines. It is 70% fresh water and 30% sea water. According to travel reviews, this lake is one of the most popular and most visited spots in Coron Island, Palawan, Philippines. In many travel reviews, Coron is also considered one of the best islands to visit in the country.

The lake is home to rich marine life and a variety of exotic fishes including the blue-fin tuna, the rainbow-colored barracuda, the long-finned pilot fish, the small blue tunny, the common scuba fish, and more. It has been a popular place for diving for many generations in this part of Southeast Asia and is a popular attraction for scuba divers.

Activities you can do in Kayangan Lake

Kayangan is also known for its snorkeling. It is famous for its excellent coral reefs and diving opportunities. The local dive shops and restaurants provide different kinds of dive equipment that can help the divers to explore the underwater beauty.

You can go on a tour of this lake and do several activities. You can simply swim around the area, snorkel, dive, or hike the overlooking mountain for the best panoramic view of the entire lake. The lake view is amazing from above.

If you choose to dive, make sure that you have a guide to check on you since there sharp rocks under the water that could easily cut your skin if you’re not careful.

Important notes before embarking on this tour

  • Many tour operators offer Coron Island Tours but make sure to only book reliable ones. Read some reviews to avoid getting scammed. Read some reviews to also get a general idea of what to expect before getting there.
  • You are free to swim around the lake area but be respectful of marine life.
  • Book the earliest tour of the day to get the best view of the area and the sea. 6 to 7 AM is a good time.
  • Some day tours offer different places to visit so check on your operator first if you are free to visit other spots like Coron Bay shipwrecks, Twin lagoon, and other nearby beaches.
  • Be careful when hiking the steps towards the lake since it can get slippery. The steps are also quite steep.

A guide on how to get there

Kayangan Lake is located on Coron Island in Palawan, Philippines. The best way to get there is to travel by air. There are direct flights available from Manila or Cebu to Coron Island. Once you are in Busuanga Airport in Coron, ride a van going to the town proper. The town proper is a good place and is a highly recommended spot to look for accommodations. There, you can look for tours going to the lake and nearby beach and islands tours. You can either charter a private boat going to Kayangan Lake. Or you can also join a Coron Island group tour where the lake is included. The Coron Island Tour usually includes other places like Coron Bay Shipwrecks, Twin Lagoon, Malcapuya Beach, and a lot more.

A Relaxing Picnic at Yoyogi Park in Tokyo, Japan

A Relaxing Picnic at Yoyogi Park in Tokyo, Japan

Yoyogi Park is an oasis of peace and quiet in Tokyo, Japan. Yoyogi Park is located near Shibuya, in the southern part of Tokyo, between Harajuku Avenue and Omotesando Station. Yoyogi Park is a very popular travel attraction, with a huge number of tourists every year visiting this park. The park has many features, such as the famous Yoyogi Pond, which provides a nice place to relax. There are also several other interesting areas in the park you will be amazed at including a beautiful garden of flowers, cherry trees, various statues, and even a restaurant that serves tasty food.

People love to come here to see the great view of Tokyo from its park. If you are looking for areas to relax and enjoy after a hard day at work, then you should definitely go to the park in Tokyo. Here you will be able to enjoy a comfortable and relaxing ambience. There are also many other different things to do in this amazing park, such as watching a number of live performances of various artists, having the best Japanese food, and having a relaxing time.

If you plan to travel to Tokyo, Japan during the autumn or spring season, make sure you will squeeze in Yoyogi Park in your time. People, both local and tourists, visit this popular Japanese attraction for events and some other things. Yoyogi Park has the best cherry blossoms and other trees that turn colorful during autumn or spring. It is one of the best and largest parks in Tokyo, Japan you shouldn’t miss.

Things to remember when you travel to Yoyogi Park

Be mindful of others especially if you walk along with the parks with a group. Don’t be too loud and respect the local people having a relaxing stay in the parks.

Have a guide ready before leaving your hotel in the event you need information. It’s best you prepare before leaving the hotel.

You may witness some local events in the park. Check with the tourist information for the available hours.

A guide on how to get to Yoyogi Park in Tokyo, Japan

Ride the subway via JR Yamanote Line to Harajuku Station. The park is a 5-minute walk from the station. The park is located next to Meiji Jingu or Meiji Shrine. If you visit this area, it is best to visit both the park and the Meiji Jingu.