5 Stunning El Nido Beaches You Should Visit

El Nido is a popular tourist destination in Palawan, Philippines. The lagoons, hiking trails, and particularly, the beaches are considered the best in the Philippines. Because of the outstanding beauty of El Nido beaches, it is often featured in many travel magazines and travel reviews.

The best thing about El Nido beaches is you can go on day tours if you have limited time. You can even go island hopping in one day to a big and small lagoon in one day. El Nido is a popular place, not just for resort and island hopping tours, but they also have a good sea food culture and local activities located anywhere on the island. So whether you are looking for a good, quiet place to relax or party in a resort, you can find a place for you when you travel to El Nido, Palawan.

Here are five must-visit El Nido beaches you should check out when in town.

Nacpan Beach

Nacpan beach is the most popular beach in mainland El Nido. It is a 45-minute drive from the town and is accessible via private van, car, or motorcycle. You can also charter a tricycle to get there but it may take an hour to reach the beach. Nacpan stretches for up to 4 kilometers long and has fine white sand and turquoise waters. It is a great spot to chill for its very calm environment.

Las Cabanas Beach

Las Cabanas beach is a popular beach resort which is around 5 kilometers from the El Nido town proper. This beach is known for its creamy white sand and the majestic coconut palm trees that line up the area.

Seven Commandos Beach

Seven Commandos Beach is one of the popular destinations included in El Nido island tours. Here, you get to enjoy crystal-clear waters and a view of unique limestone rock formations. There are also 5 secluded rooms available in one corner of the beach if you wish to stay here.

Dolarog Beach

Dolarog Beach is the most remote beach in El Nido and is not readily accessible via van or tricycle. You can only get there via boat or if you walk with a guide. Nonetheless, you will be rewarded with an outstanding view of the Bacuit Archipelago.

Lio Beach

You don’t actually have to go far to see the mesmerizing El Nido beaches. Lio Beach is located right at the airport so you can definitely splash in the water one last time before you say goodbye to the island.

How to get to El Nido

There are three ways to get to El Nido, Philippines. You can go for a direct flight from Manila to El Nido Lio Airport. It takes a little over an hour to reach Lio Airport. From Lio Airport, ride a private van or tricycle to reach the town center. It takes around 30-40 minutes from Lio airport.

You can also take a flight from Manila to Puerto Princesa, and then travel by land to El Nido which takes roughly around 7 hours.

The last option is via ferry if you are coming from Coron Island.

Important notes to remember before going to any El Nido beaches

Check if the weather is good in the area or in Palawan island before you travel to any of the beaches.

Look for a resort located near the sea area. This way, you are near the beaches and you can find all sorts of water activities and meet people without going that far.

Check out for Palawan island tours that include island hopping in the small and big lagoon in El Nido. The small and big lagoon is pretty accessible near El Nido beaches too.

Respect the local people and avoid throwing your garbage on any of the beaches.

Prepare for a long and rough ride if you are coming from Puerto Princesa to El Nido. There are stops along the way, but better bring your own food and water for the long ride.