Barracuda Lake: A Haven for Diving Enthusiasts in the Philippines

When visiting Coron Island in the Philippines, one travel spot you shouldn’t miss is the Barracuda Lake. The Barracuda Lake consists of an abyss of shallow blue waters surrounded by sharp and dark limestone cliffs and underwater cave. The lake was named when a large barracuda fish skeleton was discovered by scuba divers in its waters. Barracuda Lake is composed of both saltwater and freshwater. According to many review articles, it is one of the most famous diving sites for many divers not just in Coron, but in the Philippines. Here, you can also see the great views of the surrounding islands and the deep blue sea.

If you have read Coron travel reviews, you have most likely already read that Barracuda Lake is one of the best dive spots on the island. Both scuba and free divers can truly enjoy the depths. It has its own mesmerizing beauty unique to the place. The lake is about 40 meters deep to the bottom of the sea and is surrounded by sharp limestone cliffs. The lake will give you a clear and good view of what is at the bottom. There is also a 30-meter long cave below which is why many tourists are mesmerized to dive its clear waters. It is said that the resident barracuda can be found there. Most tours allow you to dive into this area so long as you have the proper gears for it.

It is also a good dive spot to explore because of its thermocline, where the water temperature changes at different layers. It actually gets warmer as you go deeper.

How to get to Barracuda Lake in Coron

The best and most convenient way to visit Coron is to take a direct flight from Manila to Busuanga Airport which takes around an hour. Once you are in Busuanga Airport, ride a van going to Coron town proper. Most tours offer private transfers to hotels in the town proper. From there, you can either join a group tour or hire a boat going to Barracuda Lake.

Another option is to ride an overnight ferry by 2Go Travels from Manila.

Things to Remember When Diving in Barracuda Lake

  • Please note that there are no tricycles or taxis in Busuanga Airport. Make sure to read some travel reviews or contact a guide before you visit Coron so you can book your transportation as well as diving tours in advance.
  • You need to climb up a few meters before you can reach the lake. Make sure to hire a guide who will get you there and help you in case you bring dive gears.
  • Review the details of the Coron tour you select before you start exploring the islands. Reading some reviews can help you find the best deals and spots to go to.
  • Stay in a hotel or beach resort that is near Barracuda Lake if you want to go there as early as possible.