Enchanting El Nido Lagoons You Should Visit

If you’re not into beach resorts, you can still have a memorable and relaxing stay in El Nido, Palawan. When you search for activities to do in Palawan, Philippines, the first ones to appear are the stunning El Nido lagoons. Surrounded by towering limestone formations, each of the El Nido lagoons is definitely a sight to behold.

You can explore these lagoons in a day if you book an island hopping tour package. Each tour package is different and some offer most access to the big and small lagoon area. You can also check out nearby beaches in the area.

Here are El Nido lagoons you should visit when in town.

Small Lagoon (Tour A)

As the name implies, the small lagoon is small but it is considered a noteworthy destination because of the impressive view of the limestone and rock formations surrounding it.

Big Lagoon (Tour A)

The Big Lagoon is one of the best and popular spots to explore in El Nido. Big Lagoon is also one of the common lagoons included in a beach hopping tour. Here, you will be mesmerized by the majestic limestone formations and emerald waters. The lagoon is good for a kayak exploration or for a good swim. The big lagoon is popular with big groups. At times, many people kayak their way to this part and have a great lunch on the beach. You can explore it in a day along with other spots in El Nido.

Secret Lagoon (Tour A)

The Secret Lagoon is a small pool of water tucked in one of the most beautiful beaches in El Nido, Palawan. It is only accessible via a small hole in one of the karst rock formation. At times, if it is high tide, you will have to swim to check out the Secret Lagoon. It is a great place to swim around or bring a kayak.

Cadlao Lagoon (Tour D)

One of the best spots to visit on an island hopping day tour is the Cadlao Lagoon. Most people review this as the best place to witness the beauty of the Philippines. Here, the lagoon has an opening to the sea so you can see the emerald waters from the lagoon turn into blue towards the sea.

Travel guide to El Nido lagoons

You can go to El Nido in 3 ways:

There are direct flights from Manila to El Nido Lio Airport. Travel time takes a little over an hour.

The second option is to take a flight from Manila, Philippines to Puerto Princesa. From Puerto Princesa, take a private van or car to El Nido. The land trip travel time is roughly 7 hours.

The last option is to ride a ferry bound for El Nido if you are coming from Coron Island.

Things to Remember Before Going to El Nido Lagoons

You don’t need to book your tour in advance. Once you arrive in El Nido, you can easily find tour operators near the beach area offering a package to the lagoons and beaches. You can also book through hotels.

The best time to visit is during the summer months which is from March to May to avoid bad weather conditions. The beach is also stunning during the summer months.

Lunch is included in most tours, but make sure to check out with your guide to know in advance. Bring extra snacks and water just in case.

Tours can vary and some hotels may offer it differently from other operators. Be sure to review the inclusions.

It is highly recommended to read a review of a specific tour online to know which places you’d want to visit.