Meiji Jingu Gaien – Most Famous Autumn Foliage Spot in Tokyo, Japan

They say that when you visit a country, there’s always that spot that’s going to top all of the other destinations in the country. In Tokyo, Japan, one can say it is the Meiji Jingu Gaien, especially during the autumn season. In fact, it is so popular and picturesque that people call the Meiji Jingu Gaien the most beautiful autumn destination in Tokyo, Japan.

Meijijingu Gaien is one of the best places in Tokyo, Japan for sports and history lovers. It houses complex houses for different sports facilities, tree attractions, a Meiji era picture gallery, and a kid’s park. It is located to the east of Meiji Shrine which is also another popular nearby attraction in Tokyo. You can see an original wall art gallery related to Emperor Meiji and Empress Dowager Shoken.

What attracts this place the most is the 300-meter long Ginko trees and yellow leaves that fill the entire avenue. Most hotels offer tours to this destination due to its popularity. Chances are, you will see lots of images of this spot in your hotel alone. If you search one many hotel reviews online, you will also see photos of the Ginko tree in the avenue. The exact location of the beautiful Ginko trees is in

Icho Namiki Avenue between the office building of the business district in Aoyama.

Meijijingu Gaien has vast and beautiful greenery that turns into this colorful trees during the autumn. The best time to check the shrine, stadium, and especially the street is during November. The first and second week of November will surely give you a beautiful autumn picture. You can witness autumn leaves in the entire street and avenue. Many of the trees serve as a good background in the picture.

One interesting avenue here is their indoor ice skating rink. You can also head over to the stadium nearby where tours are also offered. According to reviews, the Jingu stadium is the best place to visit in March and October to catch a game of pro-league baseball.

How to get to Meijijingu Gaien in Tokyo

From your hotel in the city, take the subway through the JR Chuo Line to Shinanomachi Station. Meijijingu Gaien is a 10-minute walk from the station.

You can also take the Ginza Line to Aoyama-itchome Station. And then walk for 5 minutes to reach Meijijingu Gaien.

Alternatively, you can also go to Gaiemmae Station. Meijijingu Gaien is a 5-minute walk from the station.