Must-See Spots in NYC’s Wall Street

Every video you find about it online, Wall Street is an iconic place for every traveler. Contrary to its name, Wall Street is not only a street but is actually an entire district. Wall Street is an eight-mile-long stretch of road in downtown Manhattan. It runs from Broadway to South Street in the north, and from the East River to South Street in the south. This is one of the most popular places many tourists visit in New York every year. It is often dubbed as the place where dreams are made of – where the money is everywhere. Wall Street in New York has a history as colorful as its current image.

It is now a major business financial district, housing the offices of hundreds of banks, technology services, firms, financial bank institutions, investment, trading, stocks, and brokerage companies. There are many different areas that Wall Street covers. It is also home to a number of entertainment companies. Every year, the areas are always changing; there is always something new opening up in these districts. You will find an amusement park, a theater, and a sports and video bar in every part of Wall Street.

Here are some must-see spots you shouldn’t miss on Wall Street

Federal Hall National Memorial

The Federal Hall National Memorial is one of the historic buildings in the United States of America. In its halls, you can read the stories of its past. When New York City was still the capital of the United States, this building served as the capitol building and New York’s City Hall. Best of all, you will not need to shell out some money as it is free to the public.

The New York Stock Exchange

The NYSE is technically not on Wall Street but it is very close to it so you shouldn’t miss it. While the Stock Exchange is considered almost obsolete. Because of technology, mostly trading is done online. Still, the building still stands as a symbol for finance, stocks, trading, and the economy across the world. Marveled by its architecture, it is also a must-see destination. The story of its history is simply something not to be forgotten easily.

If you want to see the current stock performance in NYC, simply check the Dow Jones Industrial Average, Dow Jones, or just Dow.

Fearless Girl in Wall Street

Fearless Girl is a statue located in front of the New York Stock Exchange. The story behind this symbol is of women in the United States fighting for equal rights, fair treatments, and safe work environments. Amidst the imposing buildings of financial, stocks, banking, and trading markets, this statue stands tall for all people to see.

Trinity Church

The first church built in NYC is the Trinity Church. Buried in its churchyard and few prominent New Yorkers such as Robert Fulton, Alexander Hamilton, and his family.

Stone Street

The old financial district in Manhattan is a great place to see such walking along the cobblestones of Stone Street. This finance area will make you fall in love with the place that looks straight out of a movie set.

Some Things You Might Want to Know About Wall Street

  • The finance district is downtown and is about a 5-minute walk to the Staten Island Ferry terminal and Battery Park.
  • This area has become more of a residential area. After all, stock trading is mostly done online now. Wall Street is a good place to live in as it is near banks, markets, firms, investment services, and any other company you might think of.
  • A trip to Wall street covers almost the entire history of NYC. Every bank, company, firm contributes to the economy of what the city is now today.
  • Since 1950, September has been a bad month for stocks. Many people believe September is not the best time to visit Wall Street.