Wat Arun: The Most Stunning Temple in Bangkok

Wat Arun Ratchawararam or also known as the Temple of Dawn is one of the main temples and top attractions in Bangkok, Thailand. Wat Arun is considered one of the most stunning temples in Bangkok because of its dazzling prang design and riverside location. It is dedicated to the patron deity of Buddhists in Thailand.

Wat Arun is a temple of Buddha, a symbol of Buddhism, and one of the major Buddhist temples in Bangkok, Thailand. The temple’s name, Wat Arun, derives from the Hindu God, Aruna, which is often personified as the rays of the rising sun rising from the setting sun. This can be seen as another reference to the Buddhist practice of meditating at the hour of darkness where stars can be seen and the belief that the world has come to an end, stars shine brightly in the time of darkness. The temple is best seen with the stars in the backdrop too.

The grand pagoda or in Thai language, prang, at Wat Arun is surrounded by four smaller pagoda. It has a prang design similar to a Khmer pagoda. Visitors in the city who are on tour are free to go and climb up to the middle level of the grand pagoda tower. Visitors can see the best view of the tower of the Grand Palace and What Pho on the opposite side of the river.

Things You Need to Know When You Visit the Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn in Bangkok, Thailand

1. You can go to the temple every day of the week. Their opening time hours are from 8 AM until 5:30 PM.

2. It is included in most Thai city local tour packages.

3. The admission to visit the temple is 50 Baht.

4. Visitors are free to take photos in any area of the complex.

5. Respectful attire is required. It is best to visit the Thai temple wearing something that does not reveal bare shoulders.

6. Many people come on a city tour during day hours to pray to the buddha. Many also check out the local spots. It is advised to take caution when going to the main pagoda at Wat Arun. This is because the steps can be quite steep.

7. At the top of the main pagoda of Wat Arun is a king’s crown which was placed there by King Rama III.

8. Wat Arun was a private temple of King Rama II. In fact, some of his ashes are kept in the buddha image in the ordination hall.

9. When in Bangkok, one way of enjoying the temple view is to travel by boat. There are boat tour packages available where you can witness the temple. There’s also one at night with the stars in the background.

10. The best way to travel to the temple is to travel by boat.